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FreeBSD in the Press

December 2001

November 2001

  • Cleaning Up Ports
    OnLamp, Michael Lucas
    A brief introduction to portupgrade.

  • Stable SMB
    OnLamp, Michael Lucas
    A short article on accessing a Windows(R) share from a FreeBSD workstation.

  • FreeBSD Versus Linux Revisited
    Byte, Moshe Bar
    Byte's Moshe Bar does a comparison, through informal benchmarks, of FreeBSD 4.3 to Linux 2.4.10 running sendmail, procmail, MySQL, and Apache. The emphasis of the article is examination of the newly rewritten VM system in Linux, so the tests are conducted with only 512 MB of RAM.

October 2001

  • The Big *BSD Interview
    OS News, Eugenia Loli-Queru
    An interview with Matt Dillon, a key developer in FreeBSD on the upcoming features in FreeBSD 5.0.

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